About Us

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Tech Family

Welcome to the Tech in a Tux family! We’re thrilled to welcome you aboard.

At Tech in a Tux, we excel in IT Support, PC Optimization, Custom-Built PCs, and Website Design &  Development. Our expertise extends to creating intuitive UI/UX designs and secure e-commerce solutions.

With locations in Vancouver and Gibsons, BC, we’re your go-to for Virus Removal, Consulting, Web Design, and more.

Whether you’re a gamer, a business owner, or just in need of tech assistance, expect exceptional service treated with the warmth of family and the professionalism you deserve.

Meet The Team

Alejandro Calle


Alejandro is a self-taught technology enthusiast who has always been captivated by computers and technology. He didn't truly begin pursuing his passion until he became 22, and throughout the last four years, he has spent his time learning about various technological advancements and how they affect society.

Alejandro established "Tech In A Tux," a donation-based company that offers technological services to underserved and all communities, as a result of his passion to use technology for good.

Alejandro selected a donation-based company strategy that puts the market's value first, following the advice of his mentor Tony Robbins. It is extremely inspirational to see how committed he is to using technology to improve the world.


Tadhg Gunnigle


Tadhg Gunnigle has over a decade of expertise as an experienced tech support expert. He is Tech in a Tux's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and brings a variety of experience to the position. He is passionate about website design, development, and hosting.

Tadhg's understanding of technology and awareness of societal effects direct Tech in a Tux's creation of creative solutions. Tadhg is committed to pursuing his passion and assisting businesspeople and entreprenures in realising their aspirations. He is a valuable asset to Tech in a Tux and a regarded leader in the tech sector because of his drive, passion, experience, and dedication.

Nastaran Shivaee

Creative & Art director

Nastaran has over a decade of expertise as an experienced graphic designer and Creative & Art Director. In graphic design, creative solutions often emerge from a blend of artistic flair and strategic thinking. She uses illustration as artwork and crafts minimalist designs that leverage negative space for maximum impact, purposefully choosing each element to convey messages effectively.

Vibrant color palettes and bespoke illustrations add layers of engagement and uniqueness, resonating deeply with audiences. By embracing new technologies and trends, Nastaran ensures her designs meet and exceed client expectations, distinguishing brands and fostering memorable connections in today's visually saturated world.